What is a Housing Strategy?

    A housing strategy is a document that guides future residential development. It helps us plan for the changing needs of residents by putting the right type of homes in the right places.

    Our housing strategy is being developed to provide a position on the location, size and types of homes needed and the diversity of types for our current and future population. To do this, we will consider the issues of housing affordability, building types, accessibility, sustainability, and the impact of new housing on the character of neighbourhoods. 

    Why do we need a housing strategy?

    The Victorian government requires all councils to have a Housing Strategy and Horsham have been provided with $70,000 in state funding to assist in developing ours. A housing strategy must meet the requirements of Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 (the Metropolitan Strategy that guides the visions for Melbourne’s growth to 2050) and support the application of residential zones through the Horsham Planning Scheme.

    Why should I get involved?

    It is important that residents have a say in how housing and growth in the Horsham is managed.  Your feedback and ideas will also help us to develop our strategy.

    At a most basic level, Council has a responsibility  to ensure that there is enough appropriately  zoned land for residential development.